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Our Services

We Provide Our Clients with the following specialized and professional services :


                                Geomil Cone

                                 CPT Truck 1

                              CPT Truck 2

CPT System Truck1 & 2                 : Geomil Hydraulics and GME500 Acquisition

Max Thrust                                        : 200kN.

Cone Sensors                                    : 15cm2 Subtraction Cone. 100 MPa qc and 1 MPa fs Load Limit.

                                                                 U2  pore pressure sensor. 

Max Operational Hours Per Day: 24 hours

Number of Operators                    : 3 Personnel  

Weigt                                                   : 20 ton

Engine (Truck 1)                               : 8 Cylinder Bedford

Road Transport (Truck 2)               : Low bed

Truck 1 can move over firm terrain quickly from one location to another, for short journeys it can travel by road.

GEEC uses highly sensitive 15cm Subtraction Piezo-cones as standard, these cones increase the mechanical strength of the cone body whilst improving the data quality in softer soils.

Specialized Laboratory and In-Situ Testing Services in The fields of: Geotechnical Engineering, Geo-Environmental Engineering, Geophysics, Machine Foundations, Earthquake Engineering, Environment Protection, Ground & Surface Water Engineering and Pollution Prevention and Control.

List of Main Tests :

 Cone Penetration Test (CPT)

• Permeability Test

• Seepage Modeling and Measurement of  Selected Geotehcnical  and Hydraulic Parameters.

• Consolidation Test (1-D and Rowe Cell)

• Strength Index Tests and Unconfined Compression Test

• Direct Shear Test.

• Terzaghi Plate Load Test

• In-situ Field Testing 

and more

2. Bore Hole Drilling and Sampling in Soil and Rock (Undisturbed & Disturbed Sampling)


a. GEEC is equipped  with three towable “Edeco” type cable /percussion drilling rigs, each with full accessory  set, capable of  drilling through the soil and conducting SPT’s at every ½ to 1 metre, in semi to cohesive soils. Shelby or U100 tubes shall be utilised to obtain undisturbed samples. Ideally undisturbed sampling shall occur at 1.5 metre intervals where possible. 


b.  GEEC is equipped with a rotary drilling rig with full accessory set. Upon reaching the rock head, drilling is conducted using this rig with a double tube 1.5 metre core barrel and a core run. The maximum core run shall be 1.5m but in the event that less than 90% core recovery occurs then the next run shall be limited to 0.75m.


c. GEEC deploy a Nordmeyer wire line coring system capable also of conducting cable/percussion drilling in soils, aboard the hydraulically controlled 4 legged jack up pontoons. These  pontoons provide drilling capability in water depths from1m to 35m. GEEC has two such pantoons.



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