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Drilling Rigs Rental


CPT Trucks Rental.

CPT truck rental:

1. Full board rental of CPTU Truck working Geomil data acquisition, piezocones, working two shifts, service include: two operators+two drivers+mechanic+data processing+and full maintenance). 
2. As in (1) above but for one shift (one operator+driver+mechanic) including data processing  + full maintenance. 
3. ONLY CPT truck with mechanic + full maintenance with all cones and spare parts


1. production per day one shift is 15-20 CPT point guaranteed. 
2. production per day per two shifts is 30-40 Cpt points guaranteed

Drilling Rigs Rental:


A well maintained  and fully refurbished drilling rig and four brand new percussion rigs all ready for rental if you are interested. All equipped with new accessories and needed sets.

Equipment Rental

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